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why cant the world be like this? humanity alweys semes to be peaceless even in everydaylife there is hatred and distrust. why cant we learn to lose old habits and move on.... yet i fear its not possibul.. even after this im probily going to watch crude humor and laughf.... why why cant we move on....i would say that humanity is like a child.. it can be dignifyed at times yet so very unmature....i fear no one who reads this will truly know peace... not for years no decades.....then agin children grow fast maby peace will come.... but as we muture we make sin andlive with it.... however some stop sining when they mutur.. the evolved ones..maby theres more than one type of matchurity... i hope humanity choses to mature in a positve way.... yet im sorry to admit i have my doughts if we will even survive long enoughf to mature....

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much for sharing your opinion =)